Wimsey Cherrington, LMP, CKTP

My clients call me a body detective. I find the root cause of your musculoskeletal pain, and effectively treat it with skilled hands-on bodywork so you can resume the activities you love quickly and safely. I find it, fix it, and send you on your way!

I provide relief of pain, injuries, medical conditions, and provide comfort and ease of movement for older adults, athletes, and anyone with complications of stress. 

Did You Know?

Pain in your muscles and joints may affect you in many ways:

Your pain may be caused by accumulated small injuries you may not even remember or injuries from a car accident you clearly recall. Or it may result from work or recreational demands such as snowboarding, skiing, gardening, bicycling, running, or playing basketball. Or you may have a neurological condition, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Post-Polio or Parkinsonism.

I take the time to assess your history and symptoms so I can determine the key underlying causes. Then I use the many techniques I have learned and practiced for over 20 years to effectively treat you.


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Please note: As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I do not diagnose pathology, attempt to cure disease, prescribe treatment, or provide spinal thrust adjustments.